Friday, April 24, 2009

No nukes?

Pakistan has nuclear bombs. The Taliban is threatening to topple the government in Pakistan; therefore, the Taliban ends up with nuclear weapons.

Oh joy: f
undamentalist wack-jobs with nukes. Hey... this was the Bush Administration for eight years, wasn't it?

Whew, for a minute there I thought we were in trouble.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cheney's calling for the whole story to be told?

Dick says if the torture memos have been released, then the documentation that allegedly proves the efficacy of that torture should be released as well; in other words, he wants what he perceives to be the whole story to be told.

Fair enough, but even as Dick and his extremist toadies tout Barry Goldwater's famous quote, "I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice," they all need to consider the whole story, Goldwater's
entire quote, which ended with, "And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!"

So... Dick... you better hope the DOJ demonstrates "moderation" in its "pursuit of justice."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It Doesn't Matter!

By US federal statute, torture is illegal. President Obama has had released the so-called "torture memos," which clearly show how we've tortured people.

Now former-VP Dick Cheney is complaining (as are others) that releasing these memos without also releasing other classified documentation that attempts to indicate how torture has benefited the USA (and which, they contend, would balance the argument in favor of torture), would be to tell a one-sided story, of which they contend it would be unfair to tell only part.

This is like saying that all the bank robbers who gave the money they stole to other people could somehow justify their thefts if they could indicate how those people who received that money benefited from it.

Bank robbery is still illegal. Torture is still illegal. There isn't any defense of either.

Friday, April 17, 2009

You lost; get over it!

Dear Sean H, Bill O, Alex J, Bill B, Newt G, Michelle M, Glenn B, Michael S (both of you), Mark L, Laura I, Lou D, Rush L, Ann C, et al.,

I'm not sure if you recall this, but there was a democratically held, presidential election back in November, 2008. We hold one of these election thingies every four years, and we have been for over a couple-hundred years now.

As usual, two people ran, and one of them lost. There was no legal wrangling this time like there was in 2000 when your guy lost, then won with a boost from The Supremes. This time, things went smoothly, voters spoke loudly, no chads dangled, no one shouted, no lawyers wrangled: this time, Barack Obama won, fair and square.

Look, I'm sorry your guy in 2008 was, in your eyes, a poor candidate. I'm sorry he was joined at the lips with Bush 43. I'm sorry he chose as his VP running mate a governor who dragged down his own ticket and who diminished his own message even as she promoted her own. I'm sorry your guy vacillated more than a sofa shopper on a tight budget and blew in the wind more than the
18th pin at Pebble Beach. I'm sorry the distorted negative campaign he ran -- behind which some of you stood and from which most of you ran -- didn't work out for him or for you. I'm sorry for Joe the Plumber simply for him. I'm sorry you confuse "fair and balanced" with "fear and unbalanced." I'm sorry you seem to feel you always need to resort to anger and hatred and vitriol as forms of argument. And I'm sorry your Republican Party is in such a sorry state.

I'm sorry about all of this, but
please, stop fomenting fear and confusion by loudly proclaiming tyranny, fascism, and communism, and tacitly supporting racism, jingoism, and all manner of equally insidious hideous-isms.

All of this stuff is way beneath even all of you.
Please. Just stop it.

What you're doing is conflating (A) your obvious annoyance and frustration, with (B) having obviously lost an election. That's what this is about. You're neither, as you claim to be, big-C Conservatives nor little-c conservatives on a mission to save the country. You don't really care about the country; you just care about the part of it that agrees with you, the part that buys your books, the part that buys your advertisers' products, the part that buys into the viciously skewed, barking-mad mayhem you're making.

True, enormous-C conservatives -- like Goldwater, Reagan, and Buckley -- are on spin-cycle in their graves with every mean remark you make and with every claim you lay on their legacy.
All you've become, all you are, are bitter radical nationalists oozing your unctuous agenda over the free airwaves granted to you by the same schmucks you claim to care about.

OK. You don't like President Obama. So be it. Everyone gets this.
But you need to get that it took your guy eight years to drive us into the poorhouse and destroy our reputation in the world in which we all have to live; why not give the new guy more than eight weeks to fix things?

What you all need to do is what so many others did after the 2000 election: you need to get over it and get on with exercising your right as voters in the United States of America by fairly winning back the White House in 2012.

Until then, please... stop being so mean-spirited and so hateful; stop being such poor losers; and start trying to win the next one, fairly and squarely. That's "the American way," but you already know that, don't you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wingnut alert!

Yikes, and then some; however, it's a free country and Mr. Jones has a right to rant, but yikes nevertheless, because full-on, free-range goofballs like this guy are listening.

Take me back Mr. Wizard!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great golf today!

This was an exciting final round to watch until the very end when the three survivors started their playoff. But Cabrera made it through, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy; and the same could be said of either Kenny Perry or Chad Campbell had either one of them prevailed.

Phil was his usual gracious self after stalling on the back-9, and Tiger was his usual cranky self after stalling for the three rounds prior to the final round.

Suffice it to say the person who deserved to win, won.

Viva la Argentina!

Vivo Roberto De Vincenzo!

Vivo Angel Cabrera!

So, you wanna be in a band?

Rule # 1: Don't piss off your audiences like Billy Bob did regarding Canadian audiences.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why don't they get larger?

A well-known, heavily advertised manufacturer of multivitamins seems to jump on every new ingredient/additive bandwagon that comes along by reformulating its multivitamin and adding the newest and trendiest thing: anti-oxidants, lycopene, omega-3s, etc. Each new trend results in a new release of the product.

But here's the weird part: even as they add all these new ingredients, year after year, and the list of ingredients gets longer and longer, the multivitamin tablet that contains all these things doesn't seem to get larger.

To me, it seems their tablet should be the size of a football
by now, yet it's the same size no matter how much more stuff gets added to it.

How do they do that?

Aw shucks... what's the big deal?

In this article about his late arrival to a voluntary early training camp with the Buffalo Bills organization, Terrell Owens is quoted as saying, "What I find so unfair about it is that I’m not the only guy out of 32 teams that didn’t show up [and] what’s so frustrating about the whole thing is that everybody nitpicks at anything and everything I do.”

Are you kidding?

Are you seriously asking why people look askance at you, why they feel you're a jerk?

Because you pulled this sort of crap with San Francisco, with Philadelphia, with Dallas, and now with Buffalo, that's why.

What you should have said is, "Hey, I do this lame stuff all the time, everywhere I play; what's the big deal?"

Hundreds of other players in every sport manage to get along with the people they work with and work for: why can't you?

Sorry bud, you're just not that good, and I'm shocked people keep paying you to behave like an ass.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wingnut Alert!

Yup... this is way too easy.

The Bachmanator strikes

I'm really embarrassed for this woman, but I'm even more embarrassed for the people who voted for her (or frightened by the complete lack of judgment).

Wingnut Alert!

These guys just make this SO easy.

Since when is a constitutionally correct and fairly contested presidential election a power grab?
The Repos are spewing sour grapes because their candidates sucked so badly.

And since when is Dick Morris a reliable source?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We ALL should feel lucky to have this guy...

Love him, hate him, or ignore and marginalize him, Noam is the man.

This is Part 2 of this interview.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wingnut Alert!

And the hits just keep on coming.

The Newtster
strikes again.

Yikes. Imagine this guy as president. A laser? Really?


Sunday, April 5, 2009

What's with Taylor Swift?

For months now I've been hearing all this buzz about Taylor Swift.

Well, I watched the opening to the Country Music Awards show tonight, and I'm sorry but she can't sing. She sort of... well... whines and moans in a semi-melodic way.

Nope, I don't get it.

Whew! I'll sure save a butt-load of money not buying Taylor Swift CDs.

Kim Jong-il can't get it up...

Yes... really. Read all about it here.

It's OK, Kim, Satellite Entry Disorder (S.E.D.) happens.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Internet scammers reach new lows...

Just when I thought the belly of a snake couldn't get any lower, when I thought I thoroughly understood the word "scoundrel," I received an oh-so plaintive missive (shown below) to one of my email addresses.

Because its sender said I should not "discuss this" and should "destroy it" to avoid "leakage,"
I posted it here for all to read as a big "f@ck you!"

Wow. Can you say "scumbag?" These people are just creepy as hell, utterly without shame, and beneath contempt. I'm certain it was just so difficult for him as he
"summed up courage" to write this garbage.

Get a real job!!!!

This letter is simply a new variation of an old scam that's been running for years. Beware of responding to these morons; just out them when you see them.

Dear Friend,

With a very desperate need for assistance, I have summed up courage to contact you. I am presently in Iraq with the USA marine platoon; I found your contact particulars in an Address journal. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of $900,000.00(Nine hundred thousand dollars) to you, as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is no stolen money, and there are no dangers involved.

SOURCE OF MONEY: Some money in various currencies was discovered concealed in barrels with piles of weapons and ammunitions at a location near one of Saddam's old palaces during a rescue operation, and it was agreed by all party present that the money be shared amongst us, this was quite an illegal
thing to do, but I tell you what? No compensation can make up for the risks we have taken with our lives in this hell hole.

The above figure was given to me as my share,and to conceal this kind of money became a problem for me,so with the help of a German contact working here, and his office enjoys some immunity, I was able to get the package out to a safe location entirely out of trouble spot.He does not know the real contents of the package,and believes that it belongs to an Asian American who died in an air raid, and before giving up, trusted me to hand over the package to his family.

There is a secured way of getting the package out to a safer country for you to pick up,and i will discuss this with you when I am sure that you are willing to assist me. One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter with a third party, should you have reasons to reject this offer. Please destroy this mail as any leakage of this information will be too bad for us.

I do not know for how long we will remain here but hopefully before the year runs out, I have survived 2 suicide bomb attacks by the special grace of God, this and other reasons I will mention later has prompted me to reach out for help.

Capt John Nielsen

Friday, April 3, 2009

I have an idea...

Why don't assh*les like this guy just shoot themselves FIRST!

That way, if they want to die, they can just get it the hell over with and not take an innocent baker's dozen with them.

White Belt Redux...

Phil, Phil, Phil... read this, then do the right thing, man!

Don't blame the wind.

You're plus-3 after 8 holes because of that... gulp... b-b-b-belt.