Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great news!

I know things in the world are sort of roiling right now, but if you're a Niners fan, this announcement has to come as great news.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just can't win...

The oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico is tragic. The loss of life more so. No one should lose sight of this. The families of the 11 lost are devastated. And what is left as a result is also devastating and is perhaps yet another result of corporate hubris, of corporate incompetence, and of the corporate imperative to maximize shareholder value above all else.

But ultimately, the corporation that undertook this effort is responsible for the disaster, financially and morally.

There is no denying this. But the partisan right is already spilling its vitriol regarding their perception of the Obama administration's responsibility for this spill.


Sean "There's no pandering I won't undertake" Hannity was ranting on a recent episode of his show that the Obama adminstration has acted too slowly, is somehow deficient in its response to this (corporate-made) catastrophe.

Really, Sean? Aren't you the same guy who claims Obama should keep his hands off and out of American corporations' ability to maximize profits and away from their right to exercise free-market values that you and yours hold so dear?

Well you can't have it both ways Sean. You can't claim Obama should stay out of the operations of corporations and then slam Obama when one of those corporations proves it's thoroughly incapable of handling a mess it's made.

Oh wait, sure you can: this is what you do. Sorry. I forgot.