Monday, August 31, 2009

Former President Cheney speaks up.... again...

Let there be no confusion about exactly who was POTUS from January 2001 until January 2009. Make no mistake: it was Dick Cheney.

He ran the show. He made the decisions. He operated the machinery of state. He was the President.

If anyone, anywhere, might be confused by this, they shouldn't be. It's undeniable. George W. Bush was an empty suit, a mouth-piece, a stand-in, a patsy. Dick was the deal.

And now Dick is dealing dirt at every turn. After spending eight years in an undisclosed location, he can't stop talking. You couldn't shut him up with a soaking-wet rag in his mouth... oops... he just might enjoy that.

And now he says his potential testimony in the torture investigation "will
depend on the circumstances and what [he thinks] their activities are really involved in." Really? Depends on what, Dick? On how big a lie you need to tell? On how far above the law you want to keep placing yourself? You've already told dozens and dozens of whoppers... Dick... how could you possibly surpass those? You lost your soul years ago. Stop trying to make others lose theirs.

Please... go away. I don't care if you go away mad... just go away.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is starting to get sick...

What the hell is up with the Jackson Family? Just bury the guy already. This is a circus

Unless he's been frozen solid since his death, he's got to be ready for burial... beyond ready.

This is a circus. They talk about wanting to honor his memory, but they're doing everything but honoring it. What a freak show.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guns Might Not Shoot People...

...but knuckleheads sure do.

Plaxico... although two years might be a bit harsh, spend the time wisely: learn to be less of a primadonna.

Mr. Chutzpah, Mr. Clueless...

Mitt Romney thinks President Obama is not being deferential enough to the Republicants regarding health care reform.

Huh? Is he kidding?

Mr. Obama is being far too deferential to the people who have absolutely no interest in real reform, and every special interest in killing anything like reform.

All you have to do is read anything from Senator Grassley to know this is true. Mr. Grassley will do all he can, and is doing all he can, to kill any bill that comes out of any committee, regardless of how how many concessions are made to them. He has no interest in stopping the health care-industry gravy train he's riding. He's using fear to cloud what's true.

Sure, real healthcare reform, a public option for healthcare (i.e., "Medicare for all"), will cost a bundle; anyone who suggest otherwise is being disingenuous to the extreme. But all we have to do is cut the defense budget to pay for it.

As it is now, we're subsidizing health care companies, enabling them to make absurd profits. Health care is not about the shareholders who own health care-company stocks; rather, it's about health care for these companies' policy holders. Senator Grassley, and even Democratic Senator Baucus, are far too beholden to the health care companies to be able to see their way through this.

More deferential to the Republicants, Mr. Romney? No way. Mr. Obama only needs to be deferential to the majority of people who elected him based on his promise to work his ass off for real health care reform, for real and affordable health care for everyone who needs it. If health care reform can be passed without the Republicants, so be it.

Mr. Romney, you need to get a clue. Bipartisanship only works if both sides mean it; however, your side clearly doesn't, clearly isn't interested in being bipartisan and instead insists on pure partisanship, on the politics of no. Mr. Obama keeps reaching out, and you keep slapping his open hand away.