Saturday, March 19, 2016

Learn something new every day...

I've been on Facebook for almost 10 years and have never blocked someone... until today.

Like most folks do, I post things on my FB page (which, thank you, I know is public) as they occur to me and try my best to make points about things that I see happening in the world. I guess I do this mostly to make sense of them for myself. Call it, "thinking out loud." Yes, I do make fun of demagogues, politicians, and celebrities, but I don't try to be mean, demeaning, rude, offensive, or intentionally controversial, provocative, or argumentative; nor do I ever intend for arguments to start based on something I've posted (a statement which, itself, could, I suppose, start one), and really hate it when they do start. I'm often wrong, freely admit when I am, try to learn from it, and then just move on. Intransigence is its own reward and I've learned to bend in a breeze. 

I'm politically independent: I'm not tied to a party or a political ideology. Moreover, I'm spiritually/religiously independent: I'm not tied to a religion or a religious ideology. I try not to wear my philosophy like an article of clothing and, instead, try to just live it by my actions and my deeds. I might often fail, but I keep trying. For me, this is a personal thing, not a bumper sticker, and nothing I would ever expect someone else to do. I know I'm an ethical and kind person, and I don't require subsequent validation in order to know this is true. I just do.

If what I post doesn't suit folks, they have two options: like it or don't like it. It's pretty simple.

Unfortunately, however, they can, and quite often do, take a more overt action, such as, A) troll it, which just seems pointlessly mean-spirited and rude; B) start an argument, which rarely, if ever, goes well; C) block me, if what I've posted (or I, myself) really pissed them off; or they could just, D) simply ignore my post and go about their days, which, I admit, is sometimes the hardest thing to do, but is, perhaps (and, again, arguably in itself), the more dignified approach.

All of this having been said, I see many, many, many things that folks post with which I disagree fundamentally, thoroughly, and in no uncertain terms, or that I simply find objectively inappropriate for public consumption, but... this view, my view, is entirely my problem, not theirs. I would never, ever, ever attack them for what they're saying. If I disagree, I demonstrate that disagreement by simply ignoring the post and choosing to not view the world in the way it's being presented.

Thank you if you already take a similar approach, and please have no worries if you don't, because I've not said this as some sort of share bait; rather, I've said it because it's true for me. 

C'est la vie, and respectfully so...

A scene from a gangster movie?

Reporter: So, Mr. Trump, what's your perspective on the possibility of a contested convention in Cleveland?

Trump: They have an amazing town, Cleveland does. An amazing town. An amazing convention center there. Beautiful. It'd be a shame if something were to... I don't know... happen to it. A real shame. Terrible shame.

Reporter: Mr. Trump, what are you saying will happen?

Trump: Nothing. Nothing. I would never say something will happen. But it'd be a shame if something did happen. It'd be a terrible thing. Terrible. A riot is a terrible thing. Top people have told me this. Top people. I don't know, but those people have told me they're terrible. What do I know about riots? Just terrible, though.

Reporter: Mr. Trump... ummm... are you threatening there will be... uuuh... riots?

Trump: I never said there will be riots. Never said it. You disgusting reporters are always saying disgusting things by putting words in my mouth.

Reporter: I'm just...

Trump: Disgusting reporters.

Reporter: ...trying to get you to use words to answer questions.

Trump: You know what this is? 

Reporter: Ummmm... an interview?

Trump: I'll tell you what this is... it's another hit piece, let me tell you! A real cheap, disgusting hit piece! I just said it'd be a terrible thing if there were riots. And what do you do? you ask me if I'm saying there will be riots. I'm not saying that. Never said that. 

Reporter: Well then, Mr. Trump, what did you just say?
Trump: I said it'd be terrible if something terrible happened. Amazing town, Cleveland. It'd be a shame to see something bad happen. Terrible. Riots are terrible, so I'm told. You? You're disgusting. I'll sue you.

Reporter: Back to you Bill...