Friday, March 4, 2011



Taxing the boundaries of common sense...

Speaker of the House Boehner is claiming that the good jobs data out today is a function of tax cuts and not the stimulus, that if you make rich people richer, they'll in turn give jobs to or somehow create jobs for non-rich people. He went on... wait a minute.

Wait just a damn minute.

Isn't this just voodoo economics? Isn't this just trickle down economics? Isn't this just the same tired foolishness the Repos have been trying to sell for 30 years?

It is?

Oh, OK. I thought for a minute the Repos might have finally come up with something new. Too bad. It sure sounded good.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've solved the health care problem!

According to Global Research, the USA has 757 military bases throughout the world. According to, our world is home to 195 countries. Simple math tells us this is an average of 3.8 military bases for each country. Now obviously, we don't have a base in every country, but it begs the question "Why do we have military bases anywhere else but here?"

Is this some sort of oddly internecine jobs program? Is the USA trying to maintain full employment for soldiers?

Before you dismiss me as a liberal (and I am one), please know that I'm a huge fan of our soldiers. Every time I see one of them I walk up and thank him or her and shake hands. I've bought tables of Air Force pilots lunch here in Albuquerque. I think these men and women are often asked to do thankless jobs (as they are now doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and needlessly as it turns out), and they deserve my thanks, at the very least.

But let me ask a simple question: How would we feel if another country felt it was in their national interest to put a military base somewhere in the USA?

What if France wanted to put a base in Napa or Sonoma Counties to monitor the sparkling wine industry?

What if Ireland got fed up by Idaho's cutting into its potato market share and decided to put a base in Boise?

What if Australia thought that not enough Foster's Beer was being sold in Las Vegas and wanted to put a base next to the Bellagio to ensure Foster's sales were competitive?

What if Italy suspected pasta flour made from Kansas wheat was somehow tainted and wanted a base in Wichita in order to track its production?

What if Germany decided that the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee was being threatened by a union protest and wanted to protect its interests by installing a military presence in Chattanooga?

What if any country decided to take over Cape Hateras off the North Carolina coast, kick out all the locals, and install landing strips and munitions depots (just as the USA did to the inhabitants of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean)?

What if any country decided it would be a good idea to go to someone's island home, kick everyone out, test nuclear bombs there, and render it a radioactively hostile environment for anyone wanting to return there (just as we did to the Bikini Atoll)?

Answer? how do you think these countries felt about us doing this to them?

And how much money are we spending on all these bases? What is the value of the real estate? Who do the bases serve besides us? Why are we spending all this cash? And, how much health care could the billions upon billions upon billions that we spend purchase for people in the USA?

No, this is nowhere near a new or original idea, but it's a good idea, nevertheless, and it simply has to be explored.

Where's the big-government outrage, Republicans? Where's the fiscal responsibility, Tea Partiers? Where's the sense of altruism and fair play, Democrats?