Sunday, January 31, 2010

Watched the Grammys, and...

...there's no other way to say this: Taylor Swift cannot sing!

What is the deal with this girl? How has she gotten this far? Who in their right mind thinks she can sing? She can't sing. Not a lick.

There isn't a wheelbarrow large enough to carry the tune for her. Auto-Tune won't help.

The poor thing. I feel so sorry for her. She even managed to made Stevie Nicks sound good, and that's saying something.


Friday, January 22, 2010

I really hate to say this, but...

The Democrats in the Senate are acting like a bunch of pussies. The whole lot of them. Pussies.

There's no better way to say it. "Push the pause button" on health care legislation? Really? OK, but be sure to tell all the people who need health care to pause being sick so you can catch up to them.

What a bunch of pussies!

They deserve to be voted out of office.

Forget Massachusetts; this is much scarier...


Corporate personhood is a myth that should have been left as what it is --- an affront to and abuse of real free speech --- but the five most conservative supremes have now made it flesh, pulled the financial gloves off the corporate-political shills, and elevated lobbyists to rock-star status. In fact, lobbyists might become unnecessary middlemen as they'll no longer be needed to link corporations with their politician-toadies.

Up until now, subservience to corporate masters and the power of their cash have been pretty much kept in the background, pretty much, but now they'll be right out in the open, the veil of all pretense will be lifted, and may the largest checkbooks, the deepest pockets, the most venal greed, win. This is the political equivalent to removing the salary cap from professional sports teams: "the owners" are free to buy whomever they want, and to pay the most for them. Winners will be the richest.

Many in congress should be relieved that they'll no longer have to move in the shadows as they pocket the cash that will be shoveled (hell... bulldozed) their way. The loudest, cruelest, most hateful, well-financed voices will shout down reasoned arguments.

The only good news from this may be that (A) the truth about who actually runs things in the U.S.A. is now entirely out in the open, (B) there are no more special interests, because there's nothing particularly special about spending gobs of money: anyone with gobs of money can do it, and (C) these same gobs of money will be greedily scarfed down by hungry television ad executives starving for the milk of ad money during the economic downturn.
Everyone wins, that is, everyone who matters wins.

So, you think reality-TV is a pain? The new reality will be all-agenda TV, all the time.

Corporations are not real people; the real people are about to get screwed; and the revolution will be privatized.

Putting fundamentalism in focus...

It's just so great to see corporate needs trump religious beliefs. Trijicon of Wixom, MI certainly learned which side of its bread is buttered and will succumb to pressure from those who provide that bread and butter.

Wow, religious conviction such as this is just so inspiring, and so shallow you could wade in it.

But take heart, Trijicon, with the recent Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited corporate financial influence in elections, I'm sure you and your equally devout corporate pals can pay to have all of this reversed so you can go back to demonstrating and proselytizing your deeply held religious views.

Damn the torpedoes and separation of church and state. Full speed ahead. And let's not even mention the ironies of supposed Christians manufacturing and promoting instruments of death or that their fundamentalist hatred is feeding the hatred of their fundamentalist enemies.

Let's turn the other cheek and look the other way.

Hopefully not overstating this...

Hopefully I'm not overstating this, but it's nothing short of ironic that the defeat of Ted Kennedy's "life's work" will come from his home state of Massachusetts.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mercury Retrograde strikes again?

First, I need to say that there's much about astrology that I just don't get let alone buy into. I believe that anyone who puts their faith in a power above themselves, outside themselves, is asking for disappointment.

This said, I believe in Mercury Retrograde. (I'll leave it to the reader to do research on this astrological phenomenon.)

Case in point... I am selling a musical instrument, and I advertised it for sale on a popular website designed for this purpose. I was contacted via email by someone interested in buying it and we then spoke on the phone.

I have sold and purchased many instruments and have never had a problem... before now.

What transpired and resulted was one of the most confused, most screwed-up episodes with which I have
ever been involved, ever. A complete communications breakdown occurred. Everything that had the potential to be misinterpreted was; everything that had the potential to be poorly stated was; everything that had the potential to be misunderstood was. Even though I thought I provided full disclosure, thought I was completely candid and forthright, confusion and suspicion reigned.

I take full responsibility for any part I might have had in this confusion, even though I know the buyer won't take responsibility for his part of it, but I do believe that Mercury Retrograde played a part, regardless of assignation of blame or assumption of responsibility. I am not using Mercury Retrograde as an excuse, but after much soul-searching, there really is no other rational explanation that provides sufficiently convincing evidence for why this utter and complete breakdown in communications occurred.

In saying this, I do not mean to in any way trivialize or minimize this astrological concept for the true believers or the belief they have in it. I'm simply saying that I believe a strong case can be made for what those true believers claim Mercury Retrograde to be, a strong case.

Monday, January 4, 2010


I think I've discovered the meaning of the word "irrelevant."

In a recent news article, Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie claims that Tiger Woods will return from his marital problems to win more majors but says Woods won't be the iconic player who dominated golf for the past decade. Monty said he had no doubt Woods would come back and add to his 14 majors, but said his mystique had now gone.


My question is this: does anyone at all, whether they're in golf or out of golf, really give a rip about what Monty says about anything?